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R+W Coupling

rw-logoThe Ultimate Coupling. Worldwide.

R+W offers state-of-the-art flexible shaft couplings, motor couplings, and line shafts for any precision application: backlash-free torque limiters, torsionally rigid metal bellows couplings, vibration dampening elastomer jaw-type couplings, compact miniature couplings, flexible servo couplings, axial zero backlash linear couplings, and high-quality line shafts.

R+W couplings fulfil the highest requirements and they are wear- and maintenance-free. The R+W headquarter is in Klingenberg, Germany with two branches in the USA, Italy and China. R+W is represented in more than 50 countries worldwide.

All motor, shaft, and servo couplings, as well as torque limiters and line shafts are torsion resistant, with zero backlash. Every shaft coupling and line shaft is also available in stainless steel. CAD drawing files of every shaft coupling, torque limiter, and line shaft are available to download at no cost.


R+W Products

  • torque-limitersTorque Limiters

  • Precise Overload Protection
  • From 0.1 – 160,000 Nm
  • Indirect Drives, Direct Drives, Elastic
  • Clamping hub & keyway connection
  • bellows-couplingsBellows Couplings

  • Back-lash-Free
  • High Torsional Stiffness
  • From 0.05 – 100,000 Nm
  • Wear and Maintenance Free
  • line-shaftsLine Shafts

  • Wear and Maintenance Free
  • From 10 – 4,000 Nm
  • Torsionally Rigid and Elastic
  • Adjustable Length Line Shafts
  • elastomer-couplingElastomer Couplings

  • Precise and Compact
  • From 2 – 25,000 Nm
  • Clamping Hubs
  • Conical and keyway Connection
  • linear-couplingsLinear Couplings

  • Zero Axial Backlash
  • From 70 – 2,000 Nm
  • Infinite Life and Maintenance Free
  • Low Mass and Weight = Low Inertia
  • mini-couplingsMiniature Couplings

  • Versatile and Precise
  • From 0.05 – 10 Nm
  • Press-fit Connection, Clamping Hubs
  • Clamping Screw & Hollow Shaft

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