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Zimmer Linear Clamping & Braking

Innovative Clamping & Braking Technology

Zimmer Clamping & Braking Elements for Linear Guides, a solution for maximum fixing power with the smallest construction form. These clamping elements are mounted between 2 blocks on a rail to provide a means of solidly locking the load to the rail. The benefit is that this clamping action does not take place on the bearing surface of the rail therefore preventing any damage to the rail at the clamp points.


Zimmer Clamping Elements have many practical applications in industry. They are particularly suited to holding a load on the z-axis or other vertical applications. In the event of a power failure, a spring-loaded model can clamp the load in a safe condition. They are also ideal for positioning a load in multi-positions on a rail without damage to the bearing surface.

Zimmer MBPS Pneumatic Clamp


  • Very high holding force on small dimensions
  • No relative movement for the workpiece
  • No clamping forces transferred to the guide block
  • High positional accuracy
  • High stiffness
  • Virtually wear free
  • Available for all common guide manufacturers
  • Emergency stop-capable series with integrated special surface for braking

Zimmer Product Line:

Manual Linear Clamps


    • Mini Clamps from 7mm to 20mm
    • Clamping Elements up to 65mm
    • Round Shaft Clamps Available

Pneumatic Clamps & Brakes


  • Clamps & Brakes for Most Rails
  • Round Shaft Clamps & Brakes
  • Compact Design
  • High Holding Force

Electric Clamps & Brakes


  • 24v DC, IP65 Rated
  • Electrically Operated Element
  • Available with Cabling or

Hydraulic Clamps & Brakes


    • Available For Rails Up To 125mm
    • Designed for Extremely Heavy Loads
    • Large Contact Sections
    • Zero Backlash

Industrial Shock Absorbers


    • Available from M6 Sizes up to M45
    • Patented Spiral Groove Design
    • High Absorption & Increased Life

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