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EcoShape Tubular Framing System

Quick to assemble, no problem to add to: It’s practical and fast!

EcoShape tubular framing system enables easy connections between square and round elements. It can be combined with components from Rexroth’s Manual Production Systems (MPS) to create individual solutions for equipment such as workstations, material shuttles, or flow racks. EcoShape will help continually improve existing assembly lines and avoid errors, in line with the kaizen or poka-yoke principles.

  • Quick, Easy Assembly & Reconfiguration
  • Saw & Assemble On-site
  • Fast Planning With MTpro Software
  • Compatible with MPS & MGE
  • Completely ESD-Conductive
  • Highly Flexible With Few Parts

Simple to handle


It’s child’s play to create new solutions or expand existing ones with EcoShape:


Intelligent connector technology easily accommodates small tolerance differences to make it easier to machine the round tubes directly on site. As a result, you can improve your production continuously with minimal additional effort, adapting quickly to changing requirements – in accordance the kaizen principle


Versatile for your applications


EcoShape is unmatched in its versatility:


It makes an almost unlimited number of designs possible with just a few components. The only tubular framing system of its kind, it is T-slot enabled and fully compatible with the profiles in Rexroth’s Basic Mechanical Elements aluminum modular profile system and Manual Production Systems. So you have even more freedom to design professional, custom workstations, material shuttles, and flow racks to meet your needs, as well as many other applications.



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