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Omron Adept Technologies, Inc. is a global, leading provider of intelligent vision-guided robotics systems and services. Joining Omron Corporation in October 2015, Adept is now a part of the acceleration of OMRON’s “ILO+S” (Input, Logic, Output and Safety) strategy for its Industrial Automation Business, which provides automation solutions for the manufacturing industries Adept systems provide unmatched performance and economic value throughout the production lifecycle, enabling customers to achieve precision, quality and productivity in their assembly, handling and packaging processes.

Adept Industrial Intelligent Robotics (SCARA, Six-Axis, Parallel, Linear Modules) :


For 30 years, Adept has been an industry leader in the development of innovative and powerful industrial robots for high-speed, precision manufacturing, packaging, and factory automation. Adept’s industrial robot innovations continue with its expansive line of Cobra SCARA robots, Viper six-axis (articulated) robots, Quattro + Hornet parallel robots, and Python linear modules (Cartesian robots).

  • In 1984, Adept introduced the world’s first direct-drive SCARA robot.
  • Adept’s SCARA robot innovations continue today with the Cobra i-series and s-series SCARA robots. With sizes from 350mm to 850mm, table-top and inverted configurations, and vision guidance options, Adept has a SCARA robot that will meet your most demanding manufacturing and packaging challenges.
  • The Hornet 565 is a parallel robot for high-speed picking and packaging applications.
  • Adept’s powerful controls are fully embedded into the base of the robot, saving valuable floor space and reducing installation costs and complexity.
  • The Hornet 565 features a hygienic design that minimizes contamination risks, including a standard IP65 rating and corrosion resistant materials for easy wash down.
  • Adept Viper six-axis robots continue Adept’s tradition of proven performance and precision.
  • The Adept Viper articulated (6-axis) robots are Adept’s latest offering in a six-axis robot configuration.
  • The Adept Viper six-axis robot family is a high-performance line of articulated (6-axis) robots designed specifically for assembly applications.

Adept Mobile Products (Mobile Platforms and Mobile Software) :


Adept Mobile products provide the logistical productivity and intelligence currently unrealized through conventional conveyance, transport, and AGV systems. Robots powered by Motivity are people aware and work in existing facilities with minimal to no retrofits. Companies utilizing Motivity experience lower total cost of ownership and significant improvements in the areas of productivity, intelligence, and system start-up.

  • Adept Mobile Platforms combine a high payload Autonomous Indoor Vehicle (AIV) with onboard computer, Motivity controller, and software for automatic map generation and guidance.
  • Within a defined workspace, the platforms know exactly where they are in reference to that area, and can navigate autonomously and safely through any accessible space.
  • Adept Mobile Transporters safely and easily deliver goods and materials within dynamic environments.
  • They reduce manual transport tasks, shorten turnaround time, and increases operational efficiency by re-applying labor from moving goods to higher-value tasks.
  • Adept Mobile Software products are PC-based software tools for managing an entire system of mobile robot applications.
  • The software acts as an eye for the mobile robot to create maps capturing all its natural features, display actual navigation on the map with location-tracking, and communicate with the base station wirelessly.
  • Adept Enterprise Manager is a fleet management system used to optimize the operation of up to 100 Adept mobile robots per instance.
  • It provides job allocation to designate requests across a fleet within a work environment, traffic control for vehicle routing and system optimization and systems networking for interfacing with external systems.
  • Adept Mobile Options provide additional capability to both the Lynx platform and Lynx transporters.
  • The options include color human machine interface, call buttons and improved localization of the vehicle.

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