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Phoenix Contact

The best connections – from the sensor to the controller

Phoenix Contact Fall Special is here! Valid October 1 – December 31, 2021.

With six product lines, Phoenix Contact offers an innovative portfolio of industrial electro-technology. The best connections “from the sensor to the controller.”


From the classical modular terminal block to splash-proof machine connectors to the wireless Ethernet: Innovations which do more than our customers expect.

Phoenix Contact Standard Products :

Components & Systems


  • Industrial Ethernet, I/O Systems
  • Controllers and Software
  • Ethernet/IP, Profinet, DeviceNet
  • Profibus, Interbus, etc
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Connection Technologies


  • Universal & Spring Terminals
  • Push-in Connection Terminal
  • Marking Systems & Printers
  • Wire Ducting & Accessories
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Industrial Connectors


  • Sensor Boxes
  • Cordsets & Connectors
  • Industrial Connection Systems
  • Data Connection Systems
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PCB Connection


  • PCB Terminal Blocks
  • Electronic Component Housings
  • COMBICON-Select
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Surge Protection


  • Power Supply Surge Protection
  • Measurement & Control Signals
  • Telecom and Bus Systems
  • Transceiver Systems
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Signal Converters


  • Wireless & Fieldbus
  • Analog Signal Converters
  • Power Supplies, Relays
  • Intrinsic Safety Modules
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