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Epson RC+ Express

Epson RC+ Express Industrial Automation Software

Epson RC+ Express features an easy-to-learn, block-style robot teaching environment to get users up and running fast. This intuitive software development environment is designed for use with Epson’s T-Series All-in-One and LS-B Series SCARA robots.


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Get your robot system up and running fast

Epson RC+ Express is a simple, visual-based teaching environment built for users who are new to robot automation and have little to no programming experience.

Epson RC+ Express - Clear, Intuitive, and Simple to Navigate

Simple to Navigate

Clear, intuitive, visual user interface makes it easy to learn and manage key functions like jogging, gripper control and motion

Epson RC+ Express - Easy to Use Block-Style Teaching

Easy to Use Block-Style Teaching

Get the power and flexibility of a scripted-text programming language with a simple-to-follow, block-style format

Epson RC+ Express - Quick Setup

Quick Setup

Epson proprietary Focus Assist technology provides quick-teach tools with auto-generated fields for fast application setup

Epson RC+ Express Includes Easy-to-Use Common Application Templates

Includes Common Application Templates

Quickly create common pick-and-place, palletizing and depalletizing applications with ready-to-use template programs and tutorials

Automation made simple


Epson RC+ Express enables powerful automation capabilities for a range of use cases in a variety of industries. Plus, the easy visual builder interface allows you to quickly get started with industrial automation without the need of a highly-skilled engineer.



Life Sciences

Life Sciences





Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage



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Easily build whenever, wherever

Epson RC+ Express - Develop applications virtually with 3D Simulator

Develop applications virtually with 3D Simulator

Build and fine-tune your application with 3D Simulator, before your hardware has even arrived

Epson RC+ Express Touchscreen Interface

Touchscreen Interface

Compatible with Windows® OS tablets and laptops to easily create robot applications on the go

Epson RC+ Express - a solution that grows with you

Compatible Epson SCARA Robots

Providing customers with the power of choice has made Epson the #1 SCARA Robot manufacturer in the world. With a wide range of capabilities and more than 25 models compatible with Epson RC+ Express Software, Epson has the right robot for your application.





Compatible Epson SCARA Robots

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