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AS-DPX00042- Exhaust Flow Control Valve with Indicator

  • Contributes to reduced setting errors and work hours by managing flow rate figures (indicator).
  • Integrated restrictor and silencer.
  • Reduced assembly time and number of components.
  • The speed can be adjusted on the valve side.
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IS10M, Pressure Switch with FRL Spacer, AC/DC, Analog Indicator

  • IS10M is a pressure switch with a linear mechanical set point indicator for modular installation with SMC's FRL units.
  • The switch housing attaches to a spacer that clamps inline with the FRL.
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Lower Your Air Dew Point with SMC Refrigerated Dryers

  • Refrigerated Dryers are insurance for downstream components and, in the long run, allow for sustainable production performance.
  • IDF* series refrigerated air dryers are available in multiple configurations.
  • These standard inlet air temperature models (max. 122~149°F [50~65°C]) reliably generate dew points down to 2°C (37°F) that is suitable for most industrial applications.
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