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Over 30 Years of Experience AM&C Expertise Makes Us Your Ideal Partner

Advanced Motion’s technical experience and access to thousands of unique automation products, means that we can offer a large variety of comprehensive services that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.


Our highly technical staff can promptly and effectively handle your unique needs, whether it’s finding the correct part or component for your application or assisting you with system developments or upgrades.

AMC tech services

Advanced Motion & Controls Offers:

Aluminium Framing System by AM&C

Aluminum Framing Systems

AMC guarding

Machine Safety & Guarding

  • Physical Enclosures & Guards
  • Integrated Safety Components
  • Comply with CSA & OSHA Standards
AMC bosch

Customized Cells & Enclosures

  • Aluminum Framing & Guarding
  • Integrated Safety Systems
  • Assistance With Panels & Wiring
AMC services vision

Solve Challenging Sensor Applications

  • Innovative Technology in Photoeletrics
  • Laser Distance Measurement
  • Ultrasonics and Fiber Optics
AMC smc airline

Fluid Power Systems


  • Specification & Crossover
  • Pneumatic Valve Bank Assembly
  • Pneumatic Systems Prototyping
AMC services motion

Motion Control Systems

  • Position & Speed Control
  • Single or Multi-Axis Applications
  • Servomotors & Servo Drives
  • Robotics and XY Tables

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