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Zimmer Robotic Solutions

Manufacture of Zimmer Group Technology

Zimmer Robotic Solutions

As THE KNOW-HOW FACTORY, Zimmer Group is technological leader, a manufacturer of hardware and software from a single source, and also is a competent partner in research and development. Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd. offers complete products and services from Zimmer Group – Handling Technology, Damping Technology, Linear Technology, Process Technology, Machine Technology, and System Technology.


We have automation experts to assist you in selecting the best Zimmer Group technologies to suit your industrial requirements.

Zimmer Group - The KNOW-HOW Factory

Zimmer MBPS Pneumatic Clamp

Zimmer MBPS Pneumatic Clamp:


  • Very high holding force on small dimensions
  • No relative movement for the workpiece
  • No clamping forces transferred to the guide block
  • High positional accuracy
  • High stiffness
  • Virtually wear free
  • Available for all common guide manufacturers
  • Emergency stop-capable series with integrated special surface for braking

Zimmer Group Technologies:

Zimmer Group Handling Technology

Handling Technology

More than 2,000 standardized grippers, swivel units, robotic accessories and much more. We offer a complete selection of technologically rapid delivery.









Handling Tech

Zimmer Group Damping Technology

Damping Technology

Whether standard or customized solutions, Zimmer Group’s products stand for highest cycle rates and maximum energy absorption with minimal space requirements.


Soft Close dampers – development and mass production of pneumatic and fluid dampers with extraordinary quality and rapid deliver.



Damping Tech

Zimmer Group Linear Technology

Linear Technology

Clamping and braking elements from Zimmer Group routinely perform critical positioning, holding and braking tasks. They ensure precision during cutting processes and boost efficiency with short cycle times. Their secure hold maximizes safety and protects the machines.


We offer 4,000+ types of profiled and round rails as will as for a variety of guide systems from all manufacturers.


Linear Tech

Zimmer Group Process Technology

Process Technology

Maximum efficiency is essential for systems and components used in process technology. Zimmer Group’s know-how ranges from the development of materials, processes and tools through product design to production of series products. Automation experts from Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd. has the engineering expertise to assist in your manufacturing process.




Process Tech

Zimmer Group

Machine Tooling Technology

Zimmer Group develops innovative metal, wood, and composite material processing tool systems for all industries.











Machine Tech

Zimmer System Technology

System Technology

Zimmer Group is one of the leading specialists in the development of customized system solutions worldwide. Automation concepts from Zimmer Group are customized to meet individual needs and offer customers precise and efficient solutions for optimized production rates and the highest quality standards. This is true whether the engineering is for manual, semi-automated or fully automated production and assembly lines.


System Tech

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