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HyperCyl specializes in the manufacture of hydra-pneumatic cylinders and presses for assembly and forming applications. After pioneering new technology in air/oil intensification in 1994, AEC (Aries Engineering Co.) has grown to offer a complete range of assembly and forming solutions for customers in the industrial automation, manufacturing, medical, electric/electrical, appliance, aerospace, and defense industries.


HyperCyl HPI


The “HPI” is a totally self-contained, single-piece power source ideally suited for a wide variety of Assembly and Forming applications. The Inline “HPI” series cylinder provides a reduced overall cost and minimizes the footprint of the power unit within your application versus HPX and HPS.

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HyperCyl HPS


The HPS Series design provides a very compact package where space is limited or where strokes are long. The “HPS” Series satellite cylinder is a totally self-contained and cost-effective power source while permitting the working cylinder to be located up to 10 ft. from the booster/reservoir for ease of mounting/operation.

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HyperCyl HPT


The “HPT” Series tandem cylinder is a totally self-contained, cost-effective power source ideally suited for a wide variety of assembly and forming applications. Available in sizes from 1 to 10 tons, up to 8.00″ stroke, and 1.00″ power stroke, the HPT Series cylinder line provides a compact package where space is limited.

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HyperCyl HPX


HyperCyl Compact Satellite (HPX) Unit. HPX Series cylinders provide longer total and power strokes in a smaller overall length than traditional HPS units. The HPX series cylinder is a Self-contained system without the need for external reservoirs.

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HyperCyl HZ


The “HZ” Series High Speed cylinder is a totally self-contained, cost-effective power source ideally suited for piercing, riveting, notching, clamping, marking, coining and assembly applications where short stroke, high speed/high force operation is required.

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HyperCyl HZS


The “HZS” is ideal for use in piercing, riveting, notching, clamping, marking, coining, and assembly applications where short-stroke, high speed, high force operation is desirable. This unit is ideal for situations where a low profile is required and is ideal when replacing short stroke Hydraulic cylinders without the mess, noise and maintenance of comparable Hydraulic counterparts.

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HyperCyl IntelliCyl


The IntelliCyl is the successful combination of HyperCyl’s hydra-pneumatic cylinder systems and state of the art electronic technology. IntelliCyl was designed for applications where continuous monitoring of materials and processes is critical to the successful assembly of components.

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HyperCyl EMA


HyperCyl-EMA (electro-mechanical actuator) is a robust, servo driven actuator designed for precision assembly applications or applications not suited for standard HyperCyl or IntelliCyl products.

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HyperCyl Systems Comparisons

HyperCyl© Systems Comparisons

See how HyperCyl’s products – HyperCyl, Air Cylinder, Hydraulic System, and Pneumatic Toggle – compare to one another.

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HyperPress C_frame


HyperCyl C-Frame (gap frame) design presses are primarily used for assembly and forming applications requiring an open front for ease of part loading. C-frame presses are frequently used in manufacturing processes because they facilitate easy part loading and unloading for manual workers and automated solutions.

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HyperCyl CGB Low Profile Press


The CGB is a compact, high-performance press. Available in 2 to 30 tons, this bench-top design offers outstanding force and performance in a footprint just a few inches wide.

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HyperPress H Frame Press


H-Frame presses are primarily used for assembly and forming applications that require a pass-through design for part loading and unloading operations.

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The HyperPierce series units are ideal for: metal and composite piercing, riviting, marking, clinching, staking and assembly applications where high-speed, high-force operation is desirable.

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