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Worner Automation Technology

Indispensable for efficient "stop-and-go" in production and assembly lines

Damping, Stopping and Positioning Modules

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Worner Automation Technology is a manufacturer of damping, stopping and positioning modules for transfer systems in production and assembly lines. These system modules full-fill a key function in the automated material flow and are critical in the systems speed, accuracy and safety performance.


Separating stops are used to control material flow in the system. They are responsible for stopping and separating the pallet holders as accumulation sections or for positioning at machining stations.

Worner Transfer System Products:

Wörner Separating Stops

Separating Stops


  • Stops with and without damping
  • Compatible with many systems
  • Simple installation and sturdy design
  • Tailored to very high loads
Wörner Separating Stops EL

Separating Stops EL


  • Electrical separating stop
  • Infinitely adjustable damping
  • High pallet loads & conveyor speeds
  • Connection to various bus systems
Wörner Angle Dampers

Angle Dampers


  • Used to damp the impact of accumulated pallet holders
  • Sturdy and economical
  • Adjustable pneumatic damping
Wörner Index Cylinders

Index Cylinders


  • Optimal for rapid positioning
  • Precisely lift pallet holders
  • Position sensors can be integrated
Worner Separating Stop

Anti-bounce Stops


  • Prevents pallets from rebounding
  • For systems with low conveyor friction
  • Spring loaded pawl

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