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LIFTKIT from SKF Motion Technologies

Vertical Axis for Collaborative Robots (Cobots)




The LIFTKIT provides an easy to integrate solution to add a vertical axis adjustment to extend the reach of the cobot.
While stacking a pallet the base of the robot can be lifted or lowered to work at a more optimal position. This operating range extension leads to higher productivity and cost savings.
The LIFTKIT is a ready to install system that includes the telescopic pillar with a mounting interface to the Universal Robot, controller and software plugin (UR caps) to enable direct motion programming within the Universal Robots Polyscope environment.
Additional threads are provided to attach third party cable management solutions.



  • UR+ certified vertical positioning axis
  • Ready to use complete system solution
  • Software plugin (UR Caps) to UR control system included
  • Robust pillar design for industrial use




  • Operating range extension of UR Robot to increase productivity/save costs
  • No hardware/software development required
  • Direct positioning access within the UR control environment
  • Vibration free motion and virtually maintenance free

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