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Pickit 3D


Pickit offers vision solutions for automated bin picking, part localization, and depalletizing. Pickit-3D gives eyes to robots so they can locate the X-Y-Z position and orientation of the part. Pick parts from where you want, place them where you want, or locate the precise spot on a part for the next manufacturing step. Download Pickit brochure.


Automate more robotic guidance applications with less effort

Are you looking to integrate 3D vision into your standard robotic solution? Learn about the possibilities with our product and technology, and explore suitability for your application.


3D Vision Application



Get good detections with Pickit’s application-specific vision engines and high-quality point clouds.


Automate reliably. Our products and services take into consideration robot programs, gripper, and cell design.

Easy to Use

Save time on setup and optimization without having to code by using our intuitive software with built-in support.

3D Vision Systems

A complete 3D vision product includes Pickit software, a camera, an industrial processor, and necessary cables to set up a vision-guided robotic application.

Pickit M-HD

Pickit M-HD

Highly accurate and performant 3D vision system

  • Small and medium parts or surfaces
  • Object size starting from 10 x 10 x 5mm
  • Top performance
Pickit L-HD

Pickit L-HD

High definition and large field of view 3D vision system.

  • Medium and large parts or surfaces, big bins and pallets
  • Object size starting from 50 x 50 x 10mm
  • Top performance

Pickit L

Versatile price-performant 3D vision system

  • Medium and large parts or surfaces
  • Object size starting from 50 x 50 x 10mm
  • Best price-performance ratio

Set of components to solve specific application with high reliability.


Cobot Bin Picking Kit

A bin picking kit for collaborative robots by Robotiq and Pickit.

Billet Picker

Billet Picker

Automate billet feeding to an induction furnace in your forging plant.

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