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Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)

Collaborative & Safe Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)

Optimize your workflows with the mobile robots from MiR


The mobile robots from MiR are autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) designed to optimize productivity in logistics and manufacturing operations.


The MiR AMRs make your employees more efficient by allowing them to focus on higher-value activities, while shortening lead time, reducing the risk of bottlenecks, and optimizing safety.

Why The MiR Robots Will Fit Into Your Business:


  • Collaborates safely with people
  • Avoids static and dynamic obstacles
  • Complies with relevant safety standards



  • Fast and central configuration of fleet of robots with MiR Fleet
  • Easy to add new robots to your fleet via shared data between robots
  • Traffic flow between robots is coordinated efficiently

Easy to integrate:

  • Fast and cost-efficient deployment without disruptions to existing processes or layout
  • Can be programmed via the user-friendly robot interface without prior programming experience


  • Open platform and easy to customize with different top modules
  • Possibility of out of the box solutions from MiR or from 3rd parties in MiRGo


  • Navigates in highly dynamic environments
  • Chooses the most efficient path and calculates alternative routes automatically if needed
  • Multiple pickup and delivery points


  • Easy to modify the robot’s setup when the factory floor or processes change
  • Fits into most environments and can move in narrow spaces, drive up ramps, take the elevator and more

New MiR600 & MiR1350


The MiR600 and MiR1350 are stronger and safer AMRs. With increased ability to withstand dust particles and fluids along with being compliant to the highest safety standards on the market, the MiR600 and MiR1350 are more stable, more reliable and thus superior to other AMRs on the market.


MiR600 and MiR1350 are equipped with the newest laser-scanner technology and have optimal safety with 360 degrees vision around themselves. Two 3D cameras in the front enables the robot to see from 30 to 2.000 mm. above the floor, and two sensors in each corner contribute to the robot’s ability to see pallets and other obstacles that are so low that they otherwise can be hard for robots to detect.

Watch MiR600 & MiR1350 Video Representation



MiR is an open robot platform, ready for different applications to be integrated. MiR Go is unique ecosystem where you find applications from 3rd party suppliers that extend the functionality of the MiR robots.


MiR Go consists of many different applications and top modules for all the different AMR’s in MiR’s product portfolio. In this marketplace, you can get inspiration for how our mobile robots can create value for you, your colleagues and your production. With MiR Go products, you can easily customize your MiR robot with off the shelf solutions.


A MiR Go product is an enabler for you as a customer to find an off the shelf solution that meets your requirements and gives you a faster ROI.

How Works:

MiRGo: Internal Logistic Solutions:


MiR is an open robot, ready for your application to be integrated. With MiRGo Advanced Motion & Controls presents endless applications possibilities with MiR robots

MiR Application - Disinfection
Mir Application - Frames/Shelves
MiR application - Lifts
MiR Application - Conveyors
MiR Application - Robotic Arms
MiR Application - Stations
MiR Application - Communication
MiR Applications - More



The MiR1350 is the most powerful AMR from MiR to date. The MiR1350 is compliant with the highest available robot standards making it superior to other AMRs on the market.






The Widest Range Of Mobile Robots On The Market:


MiR has launched a new robot every year since our founding to live up to customer demands. We now offer AMRs with payloads from 100-1000 kg that can optimize all workflows from the transportation of smaller parts to moving heavy loads and pallets automatically. Check out each robot here.

MiR1350 EU Pallet Lift by AM&C

MiR1350 EU Pallet Lift


Enable autonomously pick up and drop off EU pallets



MiR1350 EU Pallet Lift

MiR 600



Designed to comply with the highest available robot standards




MiR 250 by AM&C



More agile AMR for improved productivity




MiR 250 Hook by AM&C

MiR250 Hook


Ideal for a wide range of towing jobs



MiR250 Hook

Optimized Internal Logistics In Countless Industries:


The autonomous and collaborative mobile robots from MiR are used to boost productivity and add value across a multitude of industries every day.


Every industry faces unique challenges, but across all types of sectors AMRs can add value to make your business work more efficiently, smarter and safer than before.

MiR Disinfection Robots

Disinfection Robots


Disinfection robots are making the difference in a post-pandemic world



Disinfection Robots

MiR Automotive Industry



How mobile robots can help the auto industry fight back







How mobile robots can help the auto industry fight back




MiR Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry

Fast Moving Consumer Goods


Why the FMCG industry must automate further to survive




Consumer Goods

MiR Logistics Industry

Logistics & 3PL


How robots can help the logistics industry meet increasing demands despite worker shortages




MiR Life Science Industry

Life Science


It’s time to innovate. Why the life science industry needs robots more than ever.




Life Science

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