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Development of Top Modules & Suitable Equipment


ROEQ Equipment by AM&C



No matter which one of our products you choose, you’ll find them easy to install with your MiR AMR. We’ve used our expertise and experience to develop our own easy-to-use software that runs in MiR’s interface (GUI).


You set it up initially from a computer, but from then on, you can control and operate it from a tablet or your smart phone. We’ve done the hard work so your integration is easy and you’re up and running quickly without hours of coding a customized solution from scratch.



We’ve built multiple safety features into our products. For example, safety zones are built into our GUI to accommodate changes in the robot’s footprint with the addition of the top module and other equipment.


No further customizing is required.We’ve also cut out the two legs that block the MiR robot’s laser scanners when carts/racks are being moved and our patented locking system locks the carts the robot or docking station, ensuring that the system that manage your AMR fleet knows that equipment is at all times.



With ease of integration and stability engineered in, your mobile robotic equipment will work from the moment you set it up. And it doesn’t require hours of customization to get it up and running.


It’s easy to switch between solutions, which offers you the flexibility to meet the changing needs of your production line with minimal down time and enabling maximum utilization of your AMRs.

Solutions Consist of a Combination of a Top Module and Suitable Equipment :

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