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Dorner Authorized Service Center

The Smart Way To Get Your Conveyor Serviced

• Highly-Trained and Qualified Service Staff

• Fast Response Times To Keep You Moving

• Quality Dorner® Replacement Parts

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Introducing Universal Robots e-Series

ISO Compliant for Collaborative Robots

• Fast set-up

• Easy programming

• Flexible

• Collaborative & safe

• Fast payback

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Introducing Quick Solutions

Order Bosch Rexroth aluminum extrusion online

• Buy sticks or bundles

• Connectors, bolts, and other accessories available

• EcoShape available too!

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Introducing the Omron FH

The Fastest Compact Vision System

• Four-core image processing

• Fast EtherCAT communications

• Up to 8 high resolution cameras

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Our Best Product and Services

Introducing Universal Robots UR16e


ISO Compliant for Collaborative Robots


• Reach Capabilities : 900mm (UR-16e)


• Payload Capabilities : 16 Kg (UR-16e)


• FOOTPRINT : Ø 190 mm (UR-16e)


• WEIGHT : 33.1 Kg (UR-16e)


• Now in stock – ask for a demo today

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