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Phoenix Contact

Industrial connection technology, Automation technology, Electronic Interface systems and Surge protection

The best connections – from the sensor to the controller

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With six product lines, Phoenix Contact offers an innovative portfolio of industrial electro-technology.
The best connections “from the sensor to the controller.”


From the classical modular terminal block to splash-proof machine connectors to the wireless Ethernet:
Innovations which do more than our customers expect.

Phoenix Contact PLC Logic

Highlights and Technology Trends:

Phoenix Contact - Specialist for Photovoltaics

From the field level to data visualization, Phoenix Contact has developed a scalable concept for the comprehensive operational management of solar park.


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Phoenix Contact - Specialist for e-mobility

Powerful charging technology transports the energy into the vehicle quickly and safely.



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Phoenix Contact - Efficient processes in control cabinet manufacturing

The clipx ENGINEER engineering software makes it possible to plan and procure individual components, complete terminal strips, assembled mounting plates, and junction boxes more efficiently than ever.

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Phoenix Contact - Configurable PCB terminal blocks

Greater individualization, easy procurement, and high availability.




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Phoenix Contact - Lever-actuated PCB connection

Use LPT and LPC series lever-actuated PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors for tool-free conductor connection.



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Phoenix Contact - Pluggable installation system

The IPD installation system is fully pluggable and, thanks to Push-in technology, allows the convenient, tool-free connection of complex power distribution systems.

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Phoenix Contact - M12 push-pull connectors

The M12 push-pull system provides significant mounting advantages, in particular in tight spaces and with high cabling densities, allowing fast component plugging and unplugging.


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Phoenix Contact - Housing with displays and keypads

A web-based configurator enables you to freely position the displays flush in the housing and customize the operating elements.



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Phoenix Contact - Customizable circuit breaker system

With the innovative rear-side current rail system, the CAPAROC circuit breaker system supports the reliable operation of systems.



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Phoenix Contact - Speed starter for asynchronous motors

The CONTACTRON Speed Starter features reliable operation with various speeds, from normal speed, creeping speed, and soft start to ramping functions.



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Phoenix Contact - Energy management with

With Phoenix Contact’s EMMA Smart Service in and the IoT-capable EMpro energy measuring devices, we can provide you with a complete package for your digitalized energy management system.

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Phoenix Contact - PLCnext Control for edge computing

Save resources and process your data decentrally between your local network and the cloud. This allows you to take full advantage of your cloud solution.



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Phoenix Contact - Extend PLCnext Control with safety

The Safety extension module ensures that the advantages of PLCnext Technology are also available for safety applications.




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Phoenix Contact - Contactless power and data couplers

The power and data couplers with NearFi Technology make reliable wear and maintenance-free communication without contact possible across distances of up to 10 mm.


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Phoenix Contact - Time Sensitive Networking

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is an Ethernet technology that controls data communication based on time synchronization and prioritization of the data flows.


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Phoenix Contact - Cybersecurity

Good protection against cyber attacks can only be achieved if coordinated technical and organizational measures are intermeshed. We therefore provide 360° security, which simplifies the protection of systems and secures them from all sides.


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Phoenix Contact Standard Products:

Phoenix Contact Components & Systems

Components & Systems


  • Industrial Ethernet, I/O Systems
  • Ethernet/IP, Profinet, DeviceNet
  • Profibus, Interbus, etc


Phoenix Contact Connection Technology

Connection Technologies


  • Universal & Spring Terminals
  • Push-in Connection Terminal
  • Marking Systems & Printers
  • Wire Ducting & Accessories
Phoenix Contact Industrial Connectors

Industrial Connectors


  • Sensor Boxes
  • Cordsets & Connectors
  • Industrial Connection Systems
  • Data Connection Systems
Phoenix Contact PCB Connection

PCB Connection


  • PCB Terminal Blocks
  • Electronic Component Housings
  • COMBICON-Select


Phoenix Contact Surge Protection

Surge Protection


  • Power Supply Surge Protection
  • Measurement & Control Signals
  • Telecom and Bus Systems
  • Transceiver Systems
Phoenix Contact Signal Converters

Signal Converters


  • Wireless & Fieldbus
  • Analog Signal Converters
  • Power Supplies, Relays
  • Intrinsic Safety Modules

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