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Robotiq Grippers

Industrial Automation - Start Production Faster

Robotiq’s mission is to free human hands from repetitive task. Together with Robotiq’s tools and Advanced Motion & Controls know-how, we simplify collaborative applications, so factories can start production faster.


Common Applications:


  • Assembly
  • Finishing
  • Machine Tending
  • Pick & Place
  • Screwdriving
  • Palletizing
  • Quality Testing

Palletizing Solution
Simplicity Meets Flexibility
AMC Robotiq Product

Screwdriving Solution
Elevate Your Workforce
Robotiq Screwdriving

Machine Tending Solution
Ensure constant production
Robotiq Machine

Finishing Kits
The only hardware and software all-in-one solutions for cobots
Robotiq Finishing Kits

Meet the new Robotiq Screwdriving Solution


Robotiq Screwdriving Solution  is a flexible automation system designed for your screwdriving tasks. In simple small-screw assemblies, it enables 5-minute changeovers, so manufacturers can produce multiple products per assembly line.

  • 5-min production changeover
  • Consistent screwdriving around the clock
  • Intuitive to deploy
  • No more injuries and a happier workforce

Robotiq Adaptive Robotic Grippers

Robotiq 2F-85 and 2F-140 Grippers

2F-85 and 2F-140 Grippers


  • Plug + Play on collaborative robots
  • Eliminate changeovers & reduce tooling costs
  • Pick parts of different size and shapes
  • Automate all your applications with one gripper
  • Program your application in minutes
Robotiqf 3-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper

3-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper


The 3-Finger Gripper is the best option for maximum versatility and flexibility. It picks up any object of any shape.

Robotiq Hand-E Adaptive Gripper

Hand-E Adaptive Gripper


  • THE Gripper for collaborative robots
  • Plug + Play and easy to program
  • High accuracy and wide stroke
  • Ideal for precision assembly tasks
  • Built for industrial applications and harsh environment

Sensing and Vision

Robotiq Finishing Copilot

Finishing Copilot


  • Save hours of programming
  • Generate finishing trajectories in minutes
  • Compensate for external tool wear
  • Set an external tool centre point
  • Operate with any level of expertise
Robotiq Force Copilot

Force Copilot


  • Program complex tasks the easy way
  • Unlock force-sensitive applications
  • Increase robot-cell reliability and flexibility
  • Unleash your force torque sensor’s full potential
  • Master force control in no time
Robotiq FR 300-S Force Torque Sensor

FT 300-S Force Torque Sensor


  • NEW: IP65 Rating
  • Program complex tasks easily
  • Unlock force-sensitive applications
  • Increase robot-cell reliability and flexibility
  • Master force control in no time
Robotiq Wrist Camera

Wrist Camera


  • Easiest vision hardware and software made for Universal Robots
  • Locate different parts in a structured or unstructured environments
  • Adapt quickly to workplane and task changeovers
  • Create a visual model based on the CAD file of any part
  • Barcode and 2D code reading
  • Operate with any expertise level

Application Kits

Robotiq Bin Picking Kit

Bin Picking Kit
Robotiq • Pickit 3D • Better Together

Aligned with Robotiq’s core value of democratizing automation, the Bin Picking Kit sets a clear path for locating, picking, handling and placing flat and cylindrical parts. It’s not just about the combination of great products, it’s also about the extensive knowledge we make available to you.

Robotiq CNC Machine Tending Kit

CNC Machine Tending Kit


  • Dual Hand-E grippers with an angled bracket (90°)
  • Fingertips starter kit, including a fingertip extender for larger parts
  • Machine Tending Copilot software, including Force Copilot and Contact Offset
  • Robotiq Wrist Camera (optional), including the new Visual Offset function
  • eLearning course on how to best use your kit
Robotiq Sanding Kit

Sanding Kit


  • Reduce programming time from hours to minutes
  • Automate sanding tasks the easy way
  • The only hardware and software sanding solution for Universal Robots
  • Increase quality and productivity
  • Reduce worker injuries
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