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Oriental Motor

Manufacturers of Motion Control Motors, Cooling Fans, Controllers

Wide range of high quality motors

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Since its founding in Japan in 1885, ORIENTAL MOTOR has been a world leader in motor development. For over a century they have concentrated on technological advancement and product design improvement. This emphasis is evident in the sophisticated devices that are available from Advanced Motion & Controls today.

Oriental Motor

Oriental Motor Standard Products:

Oriental Motor - Stepping Motors

Stepping Motors


  • Stepping Motor & Driver Packages
  • High Torque Through Entire Range
  • Open or Closed Loop Options
  • Pulse Input or Built-in Controller
Oriental Motor - Servo Motors

Servo Motors


  • Tuning-Free Servo Motors
  • Driver Packages
  • High Performance
  • capable of high accuracy
Oriental Motor - AC Motors & Gearmotors

AC Motors & Gearmotors


  • Induction & Reversible Motors
  • Electromagnetic Brake Motors
  • Watertight, Dust-Resistant Motors
  • Low-Speed Synchronous Motors
Oriental Motor - Brushless Motors

Brushless Motors


  • High Performance & Functions
  • Large Speed Control Range
  • Easy to Use Connection & Setup
  • Space Saving Flat Gear
Oriental Motor - DustPruf Aluminum

DustProof Aluminum Con.


  • Motorized Linear Slides
  • Motorized Cylinders
  • Compact Linear Actuators
  • Hollow Rotary Actuators
Oriental Motor - Cooling Fans

Cooling Fans


  • Axial Flow Fans
  • Cross Flow Fans
  • Centrifugal Blowers
  • Cooling Modules

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