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UR Cobots & Your Industries

Across industries, collaborative robot arms are increasing output and quality, enabling flexible production, and improving worker safety.


Resilient businesses use collaborative robots to adapt and grow, even during difficult times. In almost every industry, cobots are taking on new tasks, helping companies stay competitive, and protecting workers.


When business conditions call for agility, flexible cobots fit the bill. Optimize them for output or precision as needed. Move them from one task to another. Redeploy them for new product lines.


With easy setup, they get to work fast so you can start reaping the benefits right away.

UR Cobots making a difference in your industry

See how collaborative robot arms are transforming your industry

Automotive and Subcontractors


Get the flexibility you need to adapt quickly and competitively to new demands. Cobots let you automate more processes with greater consistency and higher quality.


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Precise, flexible, and easily redeployed cobots support your agile production requirements. Safely distance workers on repetitive tasks while increasing output.


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Food & Beverage


Master the 3Ps—picking, packing, and palletizing—with safe, affordable, and flexible collaborative automation. Quickly redeploy lightweight robot arms to handle different product lines, or set up a small-footprint or mobile palletizing system.


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Metal & Machining


Don’t let unskilled labor and inconsistent quality hold you back. Cobots let you respond quickly to any size order, without worrying about staffing, training, or worker safety.


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Medical and Cosmetics


Hygienic, low-touch production is easy with collaborative robots. Flexible, cost-effective cobots can solve production inefficiencies across product lines and tasks.


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Plastics & Polymers


From injection or blow molding to 3D printing, don’t waste valuable employees on repetitive, low-value tasks. Flexible cobots can tend multiple machines, and can be easily moved to secondary processes for part finishing and packaging.


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Education & Science


Gain new efficiencies in lab analysis with cobots handling precise, repetitive tasks. These lightweight, flexible, and easy-to-program tools can be quickly set up, moved, and redeployed for a wide range of research and educational applications.


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More industries


Flexible, affordable cobots are used in dozens of industries, and the list keeps growing. You get the advantages of higher output, better quality and consistency, and the ability to move workers into more valuable, safe, and rewarding tasks.


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Universal Robots Cobots

UR Cobots Family

Universal Robots cobot arms range in size, reach, and payload to match different application needs within any industry. Compare models to find the one that best suits your needs.

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Our automation experts work with companies like yours to identify applications where cobots can have the biggest impact. They can guide you on training and integration to calculating return on investment.

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