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Zimmer Robotic Solutions

HRC Series


Human-robot collaboration opens up new possibilities for efficient, flexible and optimized production. Conflicting market requirements have to be taken into account such as increased depth of customization amid shortening product lifecycles. Cooperation and collaboration between humans and robots can create far-reaching potential under these circumstances. Both resources are making optimal use of their unique possibilities, creating new jobs for the future as a result.


Zimmer grippers meet the requirements of protection principles in accordance with ISO/TS 15066, including patented and BG-certified safety gripper jaws. The mechanical self-locking mechanism of the safety gripper fingers ensures safety even in the event of an emergency stop or power supply failure. Integrated state monitoring thanks to a wrap-around LED display enables straightforward state monitoring. Process and service data can be exchanges bidirectionally between the gripper and high-level control system; optional connections to robot-specific human-machine interface (HMI) round out the range of products.


Zimmer MBPS Pneumatic Clamp


  • Very high holding force on small dimensions
  • No relative movement for the workpiece
  • No clamping forces transferred to the guide block
  • High positional accuracy
  • High stiffness
  • Virtually wear free
  • Available for all common guide manufacturers
  • Emergency stop-capable series with integrated special surface for braking

Zimmer Product Line:

Manual Linear Clamps


    • Mini Clamps from 7mm to 20mm
    • Clamping Elements up to 65mm
    • Round Shaft Clamps Available

Pneumatic Clamps & Brakes


  • Clamps & Brakes for Most Rails
  • Round Shaft Clamps & Brakes
  • Compact Design
  • High Holding Force

Electric Clamps & Brakes


  • 24v DC, IP65 Rated
  • Electrically Operated Element
  • Available with Cabling or

Hydraulic Clamps & Brakes


    • Available For Rails Up To 125mm
    • Designed for Extremely Heavy Loads
    • Large Contact Sections
    • Zero Backlash

Industrial Shock Absorbers


    • Available from M6 Sizes up to M45
    • Patented Spiral Groove Design
    • High Absorption & Increased Life

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