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HyperCyl products by AEC are perfect for assembly and forming

servo actuators

Advanced Motion & Controls supplies three kinds of HyperCyl products by AEC.

Since 1994, Aries Engineering Co. (AEC) has specialized in HyperCyl hydra-pneumatic cylinders, servo actuators, and standalone press systems, which are ideal for a wide variety of assembly and forming applications. Available in Canada through Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd., these units give users high speed, precision, and power with advanced technology in air/oil intensification. The lineup is especially recommended for use in the automotive, medical, aerospace, electronics, and appliance industries.


Based on customer feedback


AEC has developed its HyperCyl family by listening to customer feedback on quality, problem-solving solutions, and other needs. One of the three product groups available, the EMA series of electric servo actuators, consists of robust, servo-driven devices constructed for precision assembly and other tasks in which standard HyperCyl and IntelliCyl units will not work. These servo actuators enhance applications in many sectors – like aerospace, the medical field, transportation, electronics, and DOD – with a new level of price/performance.


Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd. offers these electric servo actuators in Roller Screw and Ball Screw configurations, with load ratings from five to 230 kilonewtons. Among their features are standard internal non-rotate features and load cells, over-travel limit switches, and Emerson UniMotors.


The HyperCyl HPI inline cylinders are completely self-contained, cost-efficient power sources for assembly and forming. Each device offers the greatest force per dollar invested, with sizes from one to 200 tons, strokes of up to eight inches, and a power stroke of one inch. Other benefits: complete air/oil separation, linear force output, three moving components, internal shock pads, simple control circuits, fill and high-pressure gauge couplings, heavy-duty construction, and high-pressure tensile tie rods. These cylinders can be operated in any position or attitude.


The third HyperCyl series consists of hyperpress machines and standalone stations, with such variations as C-frame or H-frame presses and CGB low-profile presses. C-frame presses are recommended for assembly/forming tasks that require open fronts for easier part loading or unloading, and H-frame presses suit tasks that need pass-through designs. CGB presses are compact, high-performance presses with a bench-top design for high force and small footprint.


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