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Vectis Automation – Welding solution

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Vectis Automation

Vectis Automation – Boost Productivity

with the affordable, versatile, and easy-to-use VECTIS COBOT WELDING TOOL

Vectis Automation empowers you with a fully integrated, ready-to-weld Cobot Welding Tool featuring DIY programming and setup that gives you leverage to boost productivity in your weld shop.

It’s weld automation for less cost, less risk, and less setup time than ever before.

Features & Benefits:

  • Versatility enabled by safe, industry-leading Universal Robots UR10e cobot
  • Intuitive DIY programming via Vectis’ Let’s Weld Together© software interface
  • Technical and responsive support pre- and post-sale from a team that has over a century of collective robotic welding experience
  • Delivers ready-to-weld in 4 weeks, at an accessible price that includes shipping
  • Mobile 3′ x 6′ footprint provides flexibility in a compact fully-integrated package
  • Peace-of-mind with an unprecedent 30 day return window, financing, and rent-to-own options
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Amid the shortage of skilled labor, boost productivity by adding our portable, versatile, and easy-to-use DIY Cobot Welding Tool to your team. We empower you with an automation system you can leverage for less cost, less risk, and less setup time than ever before.

Let’s start a conversation to see if a Cobot Welding Tool can help out in your shop. Get a free Application Evaluation from Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd. 1-800-461-5679.

Vectis Automation - Certified UR+

Certified Universal Robot + Partner

  • Simple DIY programming and setup. Most customers are in production on their own within hours of system arrival.
  • Extreme ease-of-use powered by Vectis’ UR CAP. No coding or programming experience necessary
  • Vectis’ UR CAP and controls package allows for weld parameter control on the pendant and weaving capability.
  • Mobile cart and safe collaborative robot arm = portability and versatility
  • Low all-in cost that includes shipping
  • Great for repetitive small/medium parts that your welders hate doing (brackets, subassemblies, piece parts)

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